VMware will release a disaster recovery solution

In its IPO roadshow webcast to investors, VMware President Diane Greene doesn’t only expose company vision (suggesting that VMware may want to port its hypervisor on non-x86 architectures), but also reveals a major upcoming product:

…We have not even deployed a solution for disaster recovery yet. We want the best disaster recovery product of the entire world…

Such solution may appear as a stand alone product, or as an additional module for VMware flagship product. In this second case it would be the killer feature to present with next ESX Server 4.0, which may be out in June 2008, accordingly to VMware software lifecycle.

Note that such move would further extend company competition against its own partners, like Vizioncore, which addresses disaster recovery issues in VMware environments since ever, and PlateSpin which is applying its P2V technology for disaster recovery purposes since some time.