Virtual Iron wins Windows IT Pro Editor’s Best for virtualization

Windows IT Pro just published its August 2007 Editor’s Best. This year among other categories appears virtualization, where Virtual Iron wins as best product:

To get a feel for Virtual Iron in the real world, I spoke with Paul Joncas, CEO of Meganet Communications, an ISP/managed services company with 23 employees. Meganet’s environment, characterized by many standalone servers, faced mounting space, heat, and power-usage problems. Paul tried various methods to increase efficiency and eventually faced the prospect of virtualization. He told me, “We spoke with three companies, including VMware and Virtual Iron, and we zeroed in on Virtual Iron immediately, for several reasons. First, Virtual Iron offered a lot of the same features as VMware, which was great because we felt that we weren’t a big enough fish for VMware. Second, Virtual Iron’s pricing was certainly attractive-about $600 or $700, compared with $4000 for VMware-although price wasn’t really the determining factor for us. What it really came down to was the eagerness and availability of Virtual Iron’s support for even the most minute, seemingly trivial questions. We were about to move into a totally different world, from stand-alone servers to a virtualized environment, so we obviously didn’t take this very lightly. Virtual Iron gave us all the attention we needed.”…

Along with Virtual Iron, Windows IT Pro named two finalists: Vizioncore esxReplicator and VMware ESX Server.

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