VMware working on a new community portal

Despite great success collected with its VMTN forums, VMware is working on a new community portal called VI Ops.

In March 2007 virtualization.info discovered the name and wrongly supposed it could be a new add-on for VMware Infrastructure 3.

VI Ops is instread a new wiki created to:

Learn how to view, create and save your own operational processes using the plan, design, deploy and manage sections.

You can also use existing Operational Processes submitted by customers who use VMware in their enterprises. Share your operational processes with others, or share individual resources such as scripts, papers, tools with the community.

The website, temporarily available here, doesn’t seem near beta status yet, so company’s customers may have to wait still a while before using it.

Virtual infrastructures adoption obliges companies to adopt more rational administration models and operations processes, to contain and control phenomenon like virtual machines sprawl and physical resources wasting / overloading.

In this perspective VMware is welcome in providing blueprints for administration best practices.