Vizioncore targets SMBs with new bundle

Quoting from the Vizioncore official announcement:

Vizioncore Inc., a leading provider of strategic software solutions for VMware Infrastructure environments, today announced delivery of Virtual Disaster Recovery for SMB (VDR for SMB), an enterprise-class and cost-effective disaster recovery product bundle for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). VDR for SMB is targeted at customers with between five and 50 physical servers who are looking to experience the benefits of virtualization and disaster recovery for the first time.

VDR for SMB is a bundled offering provided by Vizioncore’s channel partners that includes VMware Infrastructure 3 Starter Edition and Vizioncore esxEssentials, which includes modules for hot backup and recovery, replication and virtual machine tuning and performance…

While Vizioncore is simplifying its technology adoption for small companies, it seems it’s complicating first approach for community, silently removing its free bundle esxBasics.

esxBasics used to provide scaled down, free of charge, versions of esxRanger and esxCharter since April 2006, but now solutions is no more linked on company website.

Update: Vizioncore contacted to grant its commitment to community is still full. esxBasics has been removed from website just because existing version is not compatible with VMware Infrastructure 3.

Vizioncore esxBasics for VI3 will be back Q4 2007.