Forrester predicts Microsoft will not impact the virtualization market until 2010

Quoting from eWeek:

In the coming years, VMware will continue to dominate the market for x86 server virtualization, but it face new challenges from Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 and XenSource, according to a new report from Forrester Research.

However, Microsoft’s hypervisor will not likely ship until mid-2008, and with various delays and updates, a newer version will not appear until at least 2009. This, Gillett writes, means that Microsoft will not be able to impact the market until at least 2010.

As for XenSource—the company that grew out of the open-source Xen project—it remains a much smaller company than VMware, which means that it too will not be able to offer a serious challenge until 2010. However, its deal with Microsoft that allows compatibility and interoperability with Windows products does provide a base to challenge VMware in the coming years…

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The Virtualization Industry Predictions has been updated accordingly.