improves Virtualization Industry Radar

Starting from today releases an improved version of its Virtualization Industry Radar introducing two new features:

  • Vendor’s history
    Each vendor’s name in the Virtualization Industry Radar doesn’t like anymore to company website but exposes all related articles, arranged in chronological order.
  • Vendor’s rating
    Virtualization Industry Radar now also exposes a performance tracking, rating each vendor as Underperform, Neutral or Outperform.

    Rating levels assigned by Industry Radar are based on actions performed on the market at strategical and technical levels (market dominance and influence, capability to compete, acquisitions strategy, openness to interoperability and standardization, customers support policy, releases frequency and quality, etc.). There is no relation with financial performances achieved by listed companies. hopes these improvements will further help readers in their analysis of virtualization market and invites to visit Virtualization Industry Radar at following address:

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