Surgient announces Virtual Lab Management Applications 5.3

After VMLogix, another company working on virtual machines provisioning segment, Surgient, announces an updated for its solution.

In this new release of Virtual Lab Management Applications Surgient introduces following features:

  • Advanced, agentless networking
    Unique to Surgient, NAIL Server enables complex networking between guest images without requiring a management agent, accelerating deployment and allowing the virtual lab environment to more effectively replicate a wider array of production configurations.
  • Universal Remote Access 2.0
    With a higher performing remote access and firewall transversal system, Surgient v5.3 provides enhanced global access to a centrally deployed virtual lab anytime, from anywhere.
  • Advanced Calendaring System
    An advanced calendar capability allows lab managers to adequately schedule and keep track of current and future lab usage and reservations. Version 5.3 also features improved lab reporting that enables metered self-service.

Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications, version 5.3, will be available starting August 2007 and support both VMware ESX Server 3 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. Workgroup pricing begins at $35,000.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.