Macquaries Hosting becomes first VMware hosting partner

Quoting from the Macquarie Telecom official announcement:

Macquarie Hosting, a division of Macquarie Telecom, today announced it has joined a select group of leading global hosting providers in the new VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP).

This latest service offering provides Macquarie Hosting customers with the option of either going physical or virtual with their online mission critical server infrastructure. These services include:

  • Virtualised dedicated hosting: Allows organisations with mission critical online applications to immediately and cost-effectively increase or reduce their hosted infrastructure capacity to meet demand
  • Disaster recovery: Enables organisations to migrate their infrastructure, live, to virtual machines and recover from unplanned outages in minutes
  • Utility-based computing: Transform your hosting infrastructure into a flexible pool of IT resources so customers can draw capacity as needed

Under the program, Macquarie Telecom will also develop customised virtual infrastructure offerings to meet specific customer requirements…

Macquarie Telecom is the first hosting company publicly announcing adhesion of VMware SSP, announced just few days ago.