Stream Theory ends lawsuit against AppStream

After reaching a deal with Microsoft (because of Softricity acquisition) and Citrix (because of Ardence acquisition) in March 2006, Tadpole Technology and its subsidiary Endeavors Technologies, owning Stream Theory patents, now closed an agreement with AppStream as well.

Quoting from the official announcement:

Endeavors Technologies Inc. today announced a broad settlement with AppStream, Inc. ending all legal disputes between Stream Theory and AppStream. Stream Theory, now part of Endeavors, was granted the earliest established application streaming patents, initially filed in 1996, and pre-dating patents filed by AppStream. AppStream was also granted early patents. As the two pioneers of application streaming, the settlement allows both companies to focus their expertise on this rapidly emerging market and continue to develop industry leading technologies…

Tadpole Technology doesn’t seem interested in relaunching Stream Theory brand on the market, since Endeavors Technologies website only exposes an information request form (probably for licensing opportunities).