Google acquires application virtualization vendor

On end of May Google silently acquired application virtualization startup GreenBorder.

GreenBorder uses application virtualization for security containment of desktop software like browsers, email clients, rich-media players, archivers, etc.

Despite Google doesn’t reveal in which form will integrate GreenBorder in its offering, it’s very probable the product will be available for free, following a strategy already applied for previous acquisitions like Picasa and SketchUp.

This would put in serious troubles another application virtualization startup using same approach, TrustWare, which got some attention in the security industry with the launch of its BufferZone last year. But depending on how flexible Google will make GreenBorder platform this acquisition may translate in competition against Microsoft, Citrix, and all other application virtualization providers as well.

GreenBorder has been included in the Industry Radar, while Google will not be included until a formal product launch.