EMC to enhance VMware backup capabilities with a new acquisition?

TechWorld reports EMC silently acquired Indigo Stone (just like VMware did with Propero), a UK firm focused on hardware agnostic backup solutions.

This acquisition may be irrelevant for VMware business: in this years EMC added to its portfolio at least a couple of backup solution (NetWorker, obtained by Legato acquisition, and Retrospect, obtained by Dantz acquisition) without reaching any kind of serious integration with subsidiary virtualization plaforms. But a statement from Todd Cadley, PR Manager at EMC, perspects a new opportunity:

Indigo Stone is complimentary today to Avamar, NetWorker and VMware. HomeBase – the product from Indigo Stone – provides profiling and protection for server system state, while Avamar and NetWorker provide protection for user and application data. In VMware environments, Indigo Stone provides server recovery from physical to virtual and from virtual to physical.

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