XDS acquires stealth application virtualization startup Thintropy

Quoting from the XDS official announcement:

XDS, Inc., a privately held company targeting the digital virtualization market, today announced the acquisition of Thintropy, Inc., a Canada-based developer of consumer-grade desktop virtualization tools. As part of the acquisition, Misha Nossik, founder of Thintropy, will now serve as President of newly formed XDS Canada – a consumer desktop services division of XDS. This acquisition will build on XDS’ strategy focused on the growing desktop virtualization market.

As President of XDS Canada, Mr. Nossik will be responsible for managing a family of new consumer-oriented virtualization products and services. Mr. Nossik founded Thintropy in 2004 in response to the need for an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to personal computing. Prior to founding Thintropy, Mr. Nossik spent two years with IDT Inc. (following the acquisition of Solidum) as Chairman of the Network Processing Forum (NPF) where he promoted the standardization and use of network processors. While at Solidum, Mr. Nossik served as CEO and later as EVP, creating the vision for network processing architecture, playing key roles in product definition and raising more than $24 million in VC funding. Mr. Nossik’s additional startup experience includes Skystone, which was acquired by Cisco, and Timestep, later acquired by Newbridge (Alcatel)…