Xen 3.0.5 to be renamed 3.1.0

From official Xen development mailing list Keir Fraser, Project Leader at XenSource, announces a major change in Xen version numbering along with several new features:

The imminent next Xen release introduces a host of important new features including PV 32-on-64, HVM save/restore, and XenAPI 1.0. Now is a good time to bump our version number and reclaim the redundant second digit!

We plan to rename the xen-3.0.5-testing.hg tree to xen-3.1.0-testing later today. The release candidate will be renamed to 3.1.0-rc4. The final release will be called 3.1.0 (as opposed to 3.0.5-0 in the old numbering scheme).

Further bug-fix releases in the 3.1 series will be called 3.1.x (as opposed to 3.0.5-x in the old numbering scheme)…

Read the whole message at source.

Thanks to Tim Freeman for the news.