Akorri extends BalancePoint support to VMware ESX Server

Quoting from the Akorri official announcement:

The new BalancePoint 1.5 capabilities for VMware include:

BalancePoint Examiner for VMware:

  • Delivers end-to-end performance information for ESX Server and VM guests running on data center infrastructure, enhancing native VMware VirtualCenter management capabilities
  • Provides deep visibility into the server and storage resources that are being used by applications running on VMware
  • Helps troubleshoot and resolve VMware application performance issues

BalancePoint Analyzer for VMware:

  • Helps optimize performance by identifying points of resource contention and assessing the impact of data center infrastructure changes
  • Provides specific recommendations for improving application service levels
  • Analyzes performance and capacity utilization over time, keeping track of metrics even as VMs are migrated to different servers using VMotion