Release: Zeus ZXTM Virtual Desktop Broker 1.2

Zeus Technology started looking at the virtualization market in November 2006, extending support for its load balancing solution, ZXTM, in VMware virtual machines.

Now with an unexpected move the UK company enters this market as player, launching a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) broker.

In this first version Zeus supports for VMware ESX Server and Microsoft Virtual Server platforms, introducing some interesting features like:

  • Connection rules engine
    Users are connected to desktops based on rules defined by the administrator. In the simplest case, users are assigned to particular pools and are connected to an available virtual desktop. More complex rules based on a number of parameters can be created using a powerful rules engine
  • Connection draining
    Allows the administrator to take virtual machines out of service for maintenance or upgrade without disrupting logged-in users
  • Fault monitoring
    ZXTM VDB monitors availability and will only connect users to desktops known to be working correctly. If a virtual desktop fails, ZXTM VDB will raise an alert and will not try to connect users to that machine until it detects that it is working properly again

Despite interesting features, Zeus (like other VDI providers) may be unlucky since VMware, previously just providing the VDI platform, decided to rule the its own market created one year ago and just acquired VDI broker provider Propero, as has revealed last week.

Zeus Technology has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.