SteelEye introduces VMware VirtualCenter high-availability with Protection Suite for VMware Infrastructure 3

SteelEye security provider (and VMware Technology Partner) entered the virtualization space this summer extending its LifeKeeper high-availability solution to ESX Server 2.5 and 3.0. Now the company is going further with this new Protection Suite, introducing high-availability for VMware VirtualCenter 2.0 too.

So at today SteelEye is able to perform:

  • virtual machines fail-over at host level (even deploying VMs back on physical servers),
  • virtual machines data replication over LAN and WAN at guest level
  • VirtualCenter fail-over

This way SteelEye is going to compete against Symantec (for their Veritas Cluster Server for ESX Server), PlateSpin (for their PowerConvert and new disaster recovery initiative) and vizioncore (for their esxRanger and esxReplicator) at least.