Review: InfoWorld compares Kidaro Managed Workspace 1.0 and Sentillion vThere 2.0

InfoWorld published a brief but interesting comparison of two managed virtual desktop solutions: Kidaro Managed Workspace 1.0 and Sentillion vThere 2.0.

Both products scored 8.4/10 but reviewer considers Sentillion solutions more flexible and effordable:

Kidaro Managed Workspace covers all of the VM management essentials while delivering significant innovation in the areas of desktop integration and network bandwidth optimization during VM deployment. However, it’s literally twice as expensive as Sentillion vThere and lacks the flexibility of the hosted service.

Sentillion vThere leverages a robust, hosted authentication and validation service to simplify the provisioning and deployment of VM images to desktop and laptop systems. A well-rounded management solution with strong support for VPNs, vThere delivers the advantages of a hosted model at a price point close enough to VMware ACE to woo fence-sitters.

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