Review: InfoStor reviews Scalent V/OE 2.0

InfoStor magazine published an extended and interesting review of Scalent Virtual Operating Environment (V/OE) 2.0, providing following conclusion:

Using Scalent V/OE, we had virtualized our SAN connections to create a wire-once fabric to simplify data-center system management. Through its Web-based GUI, Scalent Console provided us with a single-pane-of-glass interface for numerous system administration tasks. More importantly, the console provided a unified context for both the physical and logical topologies of our IT infrastructure, as well as a better understanding of the real-time relationships between the physical and virtual IT environments.

IT will increasingly apply virtualization to increase the utilization of new and existing resources and simplify systems/storage management. By extending virtualization to the way infrastructure resources—both physical and virtual—connect, Scalent V/OE ensures virtualization schemes work as expected, are easily managed, and provide all of their cost-savings potential.

Scalent is applying datacenter automation capabilities, first appeared in virtualized enviroments, to traditional. physical infrastructures. If you are not confident with this approach this review worths a reading.