Netuitive to offer automatic workloads management for VMware

Quoting from the Netuitive official announcement:

Netuitive, Inc., the leader in real-time analysis software for system and business service management (BSM), today launched its strategic push into the virtualization arena with the release of Netuitive SI for VMware, the industry’s first self-learning, self-configuring management solution for virtualized environments.

Netuitive SI for VMware includes several features that provide performance management capabilities in a virtual environment, including:

  • Self-learns the performance behavior of VMware ESX host servers and the contextual performance of each guest VM
  • Automates threshold administration of the ESX server and for each guest VM, including for application performance
  • Automatically identifies “badly behaving” VMs which are choking performance of the ESX server
  • Monitors and self-learns the resource profile of each VM and how it relates to the overall resource pool
  • Integrates quickly and seamlessly with Virtual Center, requiring no manual rules, scripts or thresholds — and no agents

The Netuitive SI for VMware solution is $5,000 per Host Server and $200 per virtual machine and will be available on April 2…

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.