XenSource launches XenEnterprise 3.2 beta

From its corporate blog, Roger B.A. Klorese, Senior Director of Product and Solutions Marketing at XenSource, announces opening of XenEnterprise 3.2 beta program.

This release is showing notable new features like:

  • Support for Windows 2000 Server SP4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 guest OSes
  • Support for virtual SMP (up to 4 vCPUs)
  • Support for suspend/resume virtual machines
  • Support for more than 2GB virtual RAM allocation
  • Resource controls for CPU, network and disk bandwidth for prioritization of co-resident guests
  • Basic iSCSI SAN support
  • VLAN trunk support for virtual bridges

Enroll the beta program here.