Sentillion achieves RSA certification for vThere

Quoting from the Sentillion official announcement:

Sentillion vBusiness, a division of Sentillion, Inc., today announced that its packaged desktop virtualization solution, vThere, has been awarded RSA Secured certification with RSA SecurID, signaling its interoperability with industry leading two-factor authentication technology from RSA, The Security Division of EMC. Additionally, Sentillion joined the RSA Secured Partner Program…

Sentillion used to adopt VMware Player virtualization engine for its delivery wrapper vThere. Then, after replacing it with Parallels Workstation, it achieved the RSA certification. It’s a sort of ironic VMware is preparing to invade same market segment with ACE 2.0, but has not RSA certification, even if ACE exists since much more than vThere and RSA is now owned by EMC, which owns VMware as well.