Parallels updates Desktop for Mac OS

After an intensive beta program Parallels releases a stable update for its Desktop, actually the only available virtualization solution for Mac OS among commercial products.

In this new release (build 3186) officially appear:

  • Coherence display mode inclusion
  • P2V migration tool Transporter inclusion
  • USB 2.0 support
  • Boot Camp support
  • Host-Guest Drag&Drop support
  • Windows Vista support

Download a trial here.

Without a clear reason, and despite what several sites reported, Parallels didn’t assign a version number to this build release, so it will not be included in the Virtualization Industry Roadmap.

Coherence has been really appreciated by users and some are wondering how to use same technique for other products.

Anthony Liguori, Xen hacker popular after critics to Blue Pill, is considering to port the feature in QEMU: