Webcast: Streamlining Software Deployments with Virtual Appliances

After launching its own virtual appliances delivery facility and bundling for the first time an appliance with its plaftorm, Virtual Iron (in collaboration with rPath and the Barton Group) is arranging a new webcast about the topic for February 21th:

The growing acceptance of virtualization technology is about to revolutionize the way IT consumers deploy applications. A major part of this shift is being driven by software vendors who provide “virtual appliances.”

Virtual appliances represent a new opportunity to streamline and simplify software distribution for virtual environments. With a virtual appliance, software vendors can ship thoroughly tested, standard configurations that require minimal installation effort. Users are spared the complication of installing multiple supporting systems, since everything is contained in the virtual appliance package — the operating system, services and applications. This dramatically decreases potential support issues related to incorrectly configured software or hardware. Users can simply download the virtual appliance and run it with virtualization software.

In this online panel discussion, industry experts from the Burton Group, rPath and Virtual Iron will discuss best practices in virtualization and the use of virtual appliances.

Attendees will learn:

  • Best use and deployment of virtual appliances
  • Leveraging ready to run virtual appliances that you can take advantage of today
  • Using virtual appliances to enable maximum operational efficiency and the smallest hardware footprint possible

Register for it here.

The virtualization.info Events Calendar has been updated accordingly.