Europe doesn’t care about virtualization?

Quoting from ZDNet:

According to the latest information from Forrester Research, there has been a growth in the number of European companies that are aware of virtualisation, from 62 percent in 2005 to 78 percent last year. There is also a significant growth in disinterest, with 27 percent of European organisations saying they are not interested in virtualisation compared to 16 percent in 2005.

The percentage of European companies interviewed that are using virtualisation has dropped slightly, from 24 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2006. Conversely, the number of organisations piloting virtual systems has doubled, from 6 to 12 percent, year on year…

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Is probably right Europe has a much lower adoption rate for the technology but it seems unlikely european companies are implementing virtualization less than previous year.

As reported in Virtualization Trends 2006 summary, observed a huge interest from U.K, Germany and Netherlands, with an impressive growth from 2005:

  • U.K. – +993%
  • Germany – +668%
  • Netherlands – +900%