VMware to introduce self-service certification program for ESX Server

Quoting from SearchServerVirtualization:

VMware is preparing to roll out a new hardware certification program that should result in a greater variety of devices on VMware’s hardware compatibility list (HCL).

In an interview at the IDC Virtualization Forum in New York City yesterday, Parag Patel, VMware senior director of ecosystems alliances, told SearchServerVirtualization.com the program will have hardware vendors “self-certify,” instead of having VMware certify the hardware for them.

The self-certification program would rely on a standardized toolset and test routines. Hardware vendors interested in getting on VMware’s support matrix would take their equipment to a VMware-certified test lab, and run VMware virtualization on their hardware devices.

If the vendor passes the test, hardware will be placed on the HCL; if not, VMware will work with the vendor to rectify the problem, Patel said…

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VMware already started to modify approach to hardware certification for ESX Server introducing a community driven Hardware/Software Compatibility List in middle January.