Release: VMware Converter 3.0

VMware finally releases its next generation of physical to virtual (P2V) / virtual to virtual (V2V) tools. blending together old P2V Assistant (P2V capabilities) and newer VMware Importer (V2V capabilities).

Converter 3.0 (build 36853) is available in 2 versions, Started Edition and Enterprise Edition, which only differ on quantity of concurrent migrations available and target platforms.

Enterprise Edition is able to perform multiple migrations and deliver migrated images directly into VMware ESX 2.5 and 3.0 platforms, through VirtualCenter.
Stardard Edition can perform only one conversion per time and can deliver on VMware Player, Workstation and Server (including older GSX editions).

This tool represent a remarkable step further for VMware, not so popular for its P2V Assistant, introducing:

  • hot migrations (no need to shutdown source machine)
  • support for multiple migrations (only Enterprise Edition)
  • support for all VMware and Microsoft platforms

Converter 3.0 represents a strong hit for this virtualization niche, since VMware is releasing both editions for free (Enterprise Edition is available at no cost buying VirtualCenter 2.x and 1.x).

At this point older and well established vendors like PlateSpin (with its PowerConvert) as well as newest contenders like Invirtus (with its today released Enterprise VM Converter) may have to change strategy to justify product price, following two different paths:

  • move from simpler P2V/V2V migration to more complex datacenter automation (PlateSpin is right this way integrating PowerConvert with PowerRecon)
  • focus on different target platforms, including Microsoft, Parallels and XenSource/Virtual Iron ones (smallest and newest competitors may prefer this way)

In all cases small businesses are gaining a huge benefit from this competition, now able to really start virtualizing at minimal costs thanks to VMware Converter and Server.

VMware Converter 3.0 Starter Edition can be downloaded here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.

Update: VMware immediately updated Converter 3.0 RTM build (now build 39557) for a problem on embedded license (both Starter and Enterprise editions).

Everybody already downloaded it should do it again.