UML creator criticizes Xen, OpenVZ

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Dike also noted that SWsoft and XenSource are trying to get OpenVZ and Xen technology, respectively, into the mainline kernel, but says that’s unlikely. Dike says that Xen “doesn’t fit in the Linux world,” and called it “a technological dead end.” He predicts a “family of virtualization stuff under KVM.” Whatever makes it into the mainline kernel, says Dike, is what the distros will follow.

He also says that OpenVZ is unlikely to be adopted in the mainline kernel tree, at least as it is. Dike says that OpenVZ has to have “code sprinkled all over the place” to work, and it violates conventions within the kernel…

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Update: Kir Kolyshkin, Project Manager of OpenVZ, politely answered Dike’s critics on the official blog.