Former Intel Vice President joining SWsoft as advisor

Quoting from the SWsoft official announcement:

SWsoft today announced that Richard Wirt, former vice president, Intel Senior Fellow and general manager of Intel Corporation’s Software and Solutions Group, will serve the company as Senior Technical Advisor. In this capacity, Wirt will assist SWsoft as a resource to the development team and advisor to senior management.

Richard Wirt was instrumental in creating and enhancing the value of Intel’s silicon and platforms through innovation in software technology. He made extensive contributions in the success of multiple generations of Intel processors and spearheaded early efforts to port UNIX to the Intel Architecture, including Intel-based multiprocessor systems.

Wirt was first named an Intel Fellow in 1990 and promoted to an Intel Senior Fellow in 2002, the highest rank for technologists in Intel, for his significant contributions in operating systems and compilers and more recently in getting this support across the Intel processors spanning communications and computing.

Wirt also serves on the Open Source Development Lab board that helps set the Linux roadmap for the industry…