Tool: VMDK to VHD Converter

The new website vmToolkit released its first handly tool: a converter for Windows able to translate a VMware virtual machine format (.vmdk) in a Microsoft virtual machine one (.vhd).

The opposite migration is already possible thanks to VMware Workstation native capability to import Virtual PC and Virtual Server images, but also thanks to VMware Importer 2.0 and upcoming VMware Converter 3.0 free tools.

So far Microsoft never released a tool for achieve similar migration and customer had to rely on commercial virtual to virtual (V2V) solutions.
Now worldwide Microsoft customers using Virtual Server can convert for free hundreds of VMware virtual appliances.

Andrew Dugdell already published a positive comment on it:

The VMDK was 1,986 Mb and it converted to a 2,001 Mb VHD in about 15 minutes on my aging T41p laptop.

Everything is working nicely, I have a couple of errors in the VM eventlog – but humming along smoothly.

Download it here.