Parallels to offer virtual OpenGL and DirectX in 2007

In an interview with Parallels Marketing Manager, Ben Rudolph, Inside Mac Games discovered the company is going to offer 3D capabilities inside virtual machines since next year:

Inside Mac Games: What’s your view on similar virtualization software such as Boot Camp, Cross Over etc.?

Rudolph: Well, neither are virtualization solutions, and both have productivity problems. Boot Camp is fast and offers a true native experience, but you can’t use it at the same time as OS X, so you’re effectively killing the productivity of your Mac.

CrossOver is cool at first glance, since you can run Windows apps without Windows, but there are some real problems when you get to work. No device support, slow performance, and a very limited program set.

One of the features missing in Parallels I believe is 3D gaming support for games such as Battlefield 1942, Unreal Tournament, etc.

Inside Mac Games: Do you plan to implement this key feature in the future?

Rudolph: This is something that we’re already working on. The goal is to have OpenGL and DirectX support in our next version, which should be in beta around the turn of the year…

Read the whole interview at source.

Is Parallels going to beat on time VMware once again?