Release: InovaWave DXtreme 1.0

A new startup called InovaWave appeared at VMworld 2006: InovaWave.

Founded by two former Surgient executives, Terry Ferose (Vice President of Services) and Dave McCrory (Chief Scientist), InovaWave launched a new product called DXtreme, aimed to provide extreme performance boost for virtual machines in VMware and Microsoft virtual platforms.

The solution is currently available for Windows XP and 2003 and supports VMware Server and Workstation, and Microsoft Virtual Server.
InovaWave claims its product is able to achieve more than double performances, allowing a higher VM/core ratio, more transactions and a shorter boot time for every virtual machine.

DXtreme creates virtual disk channels for each virtual machine, with heuristic-based technologies.

The overhead it creates (from 128MB to 512MB of RAM, and from 5% to 15% of CPU power) is compensated by the big saving for all virtual machines.

Pricing for DXtreme starts at $149 per desktop and $575 per server.

A version of DXtreme for VMware ESX Server is expected to release in Q1 2007. Future releases will support Xen as well.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.

InovaWave has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.