Release: PlateSpin PowerConvert 6.5 and PowerRecon 2.5

PlateSpin continues bringing innovation in virtualization industry accelerating virtual datacenter automation.

New releases of flagship P2V/V2V/V2P product PowerConvert and capacity planning PowerRecon show an even tigther integration, introducing following features:

PoweConvert 6.5

  • Incremental transfer
    Enables customers to perform an initial full system replication of a physical production server into a virtual recovery environment and then propagate changes at user-defined intervals to maintain synchronicity between production and recovery environments
  • Integration with 3rd party data replication tools
    Allows for effective restoration of more mission critical servers in ways not previously possible

PowerRecon 2.5

  • Data exchange with PowerConvert
    Seamlessly transfer plans from PowerRecon to PowerConvert for automated implementation of a complete end-to-end optimized DR strategy

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.