IBM revamps Virtual Machine Manager including Xen support

IBM announced a new tool called Virtualization Manager 1.0.

Worldwide press bounced the news so the product, released as an extension for IBM Director 5 enterprise management solution, seems new.
It isn’t: Virtualization Manager is a revamped and renamed version of old, well-known and much appreciated Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2.x, which was already able to control VMware ESX and GSX Servers and Microsoft Virtual Servers.

This new edition introduces preliminary support for Xen (running on Novell SUSE 10) and IBM Virtualization Engine (running on System p), and a valuable web interface, featuring an approach a la VMware VirtualCenter (without needing it):

The biggest win of this product, which is free of charge as the whole Director for IBM customers, is capability to perform migration of virtual machines from a virtualization platform to another:

Download Virtualization Manager here.