Virtualization raises questions of politics?

VNUNet wrote an interesting article where a new implication of virtualization is raised by Richard Curran, Director of Digital Enterprise Group (EMEA) at Intel:

Virtualisation raises questions of politics, such as who owns the servers, who pays for them and who manages them.

Curran pointed out that culture changes more slowly than technology and that it will be some time before users accept that they cannot point to ‘their server’ in the data centre…

Read the whole article at source.

I personally don’t think we already are at this point, seeing so far the diffused strategy of allowing 1 (or more) virtualization host per department.

Possibly in biggest, rare environments where virtualization is pervasive and physical servers are already considered as building block of a computing grid, this could happens. But for the large majority of the market such problem would not exist for still some years or would be solvable with a rational provisioning system (like the one VMware is already working at).