Xen 3.0.3 expected next month, 3.0.4 before Christmas

Quoting from IT Week

Red Hat is preparing to release version 6 of its free Fedora Core Linux operating system next month.

The updated system includes version 3.0.3 of the open-source Xen virtualisation software, which was originally scheduled for release early in July.

XenSource had previously said most of the changes in 3.0.3 affect Xen?s PV capabilities. The update includes optimisations to improve para virtualised USB and network performance, and a PV frame buffer that enables graphic displays of virtual machines (VMs).

The release is also expected to include a new CPU scheduler and support for a basic non-uniform memory access (Numa) memory allocator.

Klorese said the 3.0.4 release of Xen is expected before Christmas. ?Version 3.0.4 should appear eight to 12 weeks after 3.0.3. We?ve loosened the spacing up a bit from the eight-week [release cycle] I talked about previously,? he added.

Earlier this year Klorese said version 3.0.4 would be optimised to run on servers fitted with four CPUs…

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