VMware ESX Server will allow 3rd party storage add-on integration

VMworld 2006 sessions deserve more surprises. Apart sessions on new technologies, like Workstation 6.0, ACE 2.0, Virtual Lab Manager 1.0 and VMmark, already mentioned before, VMware will disclose a breaking new storage architecture for its datacenter product: ESXServer.

In the just added TAC9564 session, The Future of VMware ESX Server Storage: A Pluggable Storage Architecture, VMware reveals:

Current VMware ESX Server implementations do not allow third party software vendors to run their propriety multipathing and load balancing software within the vmkernel. As well, SAN array hardware vendors are not able to load device specific drivers in the vmkernel to allow access to advanced array features. This session describes two forward-looking projects designed to address these limitations: the ESX Server MPIO Multipathing Framework and the ESX Server Native Multipathing Plugin based on the ESX Server MPIO Framework.

I would like to remember that this year virtualization.info will be present at the event.

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