Ron Oglesby on hypervisors future ubiquity

Brian Madden published an article from Ron Oglesby about virtualization future in the middle term.
Ron focused on what upcoming change in virtualization could further revolutionize the IT world, predicting it will be hypervisor binding with hardware and its ubiquity in desktop and server machines:

Right now I believe that the real race going on in the virtualization space isn’t about who can Vmotion or support four processor VMs, etc. The real race is about who has the first lightweight fully integrated hypervisor that is OEM’ed on servers and desktops.

The Future is a thin layer that is OEM’ed that can work with and control all these devices. It will not be as bulky as any Windows or Linux OS you have ever seen and will more closely resemble a glorified piece of firmware that boots and starts dividing up resources to whatever number of VMs you have running on the machine. Of course it will still have some type of interface while the server and its VMs are running, but it will be extremely lightweight and self-sustaining. This will come with every x86 server and desktop. What you will buy is not the hypervisor but the management tools that wrap around it…

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