Features comparison: VMware Workstation 5.5.2 vs Server 1.0.0

On July 2006 VMware released its first free virtualization product aimed to business use: Server.

Born from the former GSX Server 3.2.1, this product offers enterprise-class features, reliability and flexibility, becoming a desirable choice for companies and high-level professionals.

VMware Server features are similar to ones provided by another famous product from VMware, Workstation, which during the years became the symbol of innovation in virtualization market.

Despite similarities in performances and feature set, Workstation is available only as commercial offering, while Server is available free of charge.
This difference leads customers to confusion and uncertainty when choosing the best product fitting their needs.

Adopted naming policy and company marketing message clearly imply Workstation is a product targeting a single user or small teams’ needs while Server is most suitable for companies needs, but at the moment VMware didn’t release any guide detailing products differences.

To bridge this gap virtualization.info compiled a comparison chart for last releases of these products, underlining existing differences in features set and reporting a small subset of notable similarities.

Download it here.