Course: Using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005

Microsoft just released a new online self-paced course about Virtual Server 2005. At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Install and configure Virtual Server 2005
  • Configure virtual machines on Virtual Server 2005
  • Migrate applications and servers to virtual machines

It costs $99 and time to complete is estimateed of about 5 hours (but you can take as much time as you want up to 6 months).

Enroll it here.

It was about the time! Microsoft should make it free to improve virtualization skills and avoid poor implementations not matching expectations in pilot programs.
I would also say this is not enough: the real training customers should receive is about virtual infrastructures designing with more attention to topics like candidates recognition, capacity planning, performance troubleshooting than to the product in itself.

I sincerely hope Microsoft already planned an Implementing & Managing and a Designing MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) for the next Windows Server Virtualization.

Thanks to for the news.