ToutVirtual extends support for Xen and changes product name

In February 2006 ToutVirtual launched the first beta of a new management tool for virtualization platforms, called ShieldIQ, initially supporting just VMware Player, Workstation and GSX Server.

Today the company changes name to its product, now called VirtualIQ 525, expanding support to upcoming VMware Server and Xen (implying it will probably support Virtual Iron 3.0 as well in the near future).

Quoting from the ToutVirtual official announcement:

ToutVirtual, an emerging leader in management software for virtual computing infrastructures, today announced VirtualIQ 525 software that supports a variety of policy-based and automated management functions for VMWare GSX Server, VMWare Server, VMWare ESX Server, VMWare Player, VMWare Workstation, and open-source Xen. VirtualIQ 525 software is currently being made available as freeware configured to manage up to 5 CPUs or 25 virtual machines….

The product is offered as virtual appliance. download it here.

Note 3 things:

  • the product seems still in beta: if you go to the download page you can clearly see the Early Access Program label.
  • there is no demo, screenshots or support documentation (except a FAQ document) for this product
  • the company completely relies on a major source of income, VMware, and misspells the name in the whole press release and in the whole website. After +8 years on the market…
    (corrected immediately after this article)