Release: VMware VirtualCenter 1.4

Despite the launch of VMware Infrastructure 3 (including VirtualCenter 2.0), the company continued to develop VirtualCenter 1.x branch, and is now releasing the 1.4 version.

This new one is aimed to correct existing 1.3 bugs, centrally manage ESX Server 2.x but mostly the just released VMware Server 1.0.
The product has been in fact renamed VirtualCenter for VMware Server.

In details:

  • VMware Server support
    A VMware Server can now be managed by VirtualCenter as a host, along with ESX Server 2.x and GSX Server 3.x hosts in a heterogeneous environment
  • VMware Server 64-bit support
    Create and use 64-bit virtual machines and templates on VMware Server
  • VMware Server SMP support
    Create and use SMP virtual machines and templates on VMware Server
  • VMware Server virtual hardware support
    Create or edit virtual machines to use the additional virtual hardware options on VMware Server. This includes the E1000 NIC and new autodetect options.
    Virtual machines not using the new hardware continue to be supported on ESX Server 2.x and GSX Server 3.1 or later hosts
  • VMware Server migration support
    Virtual machines on ESX Server or GSX Server hosts can be migrated or imported onto VMware Server hosts. Once migrated to a VMware Server, they can be migrated back to an ESX Server or GSX Server, provided their virtual hardware has not been upgraded through the VMware Server Console

Read the complete Release Notes. Download it here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.