Review: InfoWorld reviews PlateSpin PowerConvert, PoweRecon and Leostream P > V Direct

InfoWorld published a brief review of two competing P2V products: PowerConvert from PlateSpin and P > V Direct from Leostream. Plus threw in PlateSpin PowerRecon.

PowerRecon is not involved in P2V process directly but fills the candidates recognition need, which is much earlier than the actual migration.
The fact InfoWorld put on the same level PowerRecon and P2V tools is not a good thing and assigned scoring should not be considered as valuable.

Apart this big mistake the review is not completely attendible, stating that PlateSpin live migration feature produced a malfunctional virtual machine, with broken Active Directory services.
I feel hard to understand how a specific part of a migrated machine doesn’t work while the rest of it does (unless the specific part is on a dedicate partition which has not been migrated).
A migrated machine works or not, easily (unless you mess with the network, having powered on both physical and virtual copy of the same server…).

Read the review here (at this time pages 2 and 3 are not reachable), but with care.