VMware to offer host OS support for Sun Solaris 10

A small note in an eWeek article about upcoming support for Xen reveals the great news:

Sun is preparing to release to OpenSolaris sometime in July a snapshot of code that will run on top of Xen and which provides Dom0 (Domain zero) support using Solaris Dom0, which supports 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Solaris DomU’s, said Tim Marsland, Sun’s CTO of operating platforms, at a media briefing on virtualization at Sun’s San Francisco offices June 27.

Sun was also seeing a lot of adoption of the VMware virtualization technology by its Solaris customers, and is working with VMware to make sure its products run on Sun’s platforms.

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The news, if true, would be significant not only for the extended host OS support, which is always welcomed.
Having both VMware and Xen virtualization capabilities, along with its native OS partitioning technology, Solaris Zones, being fully supported on x86 architectures, being completely free also for commercial uses, and featuring an innovative file system, ZFS, Solaris 10 would possibly represent the best virtualization platform ever.