New competitor for VMware emerges

As soon as the desktop virtualization technology becomes more popular several companies approach it, offering solutions going to compete with wide known products like VMware Workstation and Player.
Since the advent of hardware-aided virtualization by AMD and Intel this task became easier so it’s likely a growing number of competitors will appear.

The last company arrived on the market is Sentellion, launching these days vThere.

The solution’s architecture seems to mimic one offered by VMware ACE, providing a tool for creating virtual machines, a player to run them on any host OS in the company, and a management tool.
Plus vThere puts accent on authentication, featuring a directory services (like Active Directory) powered logging in system.

The price is composed by Player and Image Creator license. The first one is reported to cost $495 dollars / user while the second costs $10,000.

At the time of writing there is no trial to download.