Intel to patent virtual machines transparent unification technology

Quoting from the Intel patent application:

A method, apparatus and system for transparently unifying virtual machines (“VMs”) is disclosed. An embodiment of the present invention enables a user to interact with various applications on a VM host while unaware of the VM structure on the VM host.
The user may be presented with a unified desktop interface representing a composite and/or unified view of the VM host. Via this unified desktop interface, the user may perform all necessary commands and/or receive output. Invisible to the user, the unified desktop interface represents a unification console. The unification console may be an independent component (e.g., an enhanced VM) and/or a subset of a virtual machine manager (“VMM”) component on the VM host.
In either situation, the unification console may, alone and/or in conjunction with the VMM, route and/or redirect and/or transform and/or filter the user’s commands to the appropriate applications and redirect and/or copy and/or transform and/or filter the output from the applications to be displayed in the unified desktop interface…

Macsimum News wrote an extensive analysis of the application: part 1 and part 2.

Who worked with seamless windows technology in thin computing world should have a clear idea of how the whole thing will appear.