VMware customers looking for alternatives?

The SWsoft blog about Virtuozzo published a small but interesting report of customer interest at just concluded Microsoft TechEd 2006 conference:

  • A lot more people are using virtualization compared to TechEd 2005. 80% are using virtualization and 100% are evaluating it for deployments – compared to 50% and 60-70% respectively at TechEd 2005
  • VMware users were much more interested to alternative approaches. Last year VMware users may or may not have had the time to talk to us… this year they did
  • Hardware virtualization is still used mostly for testing and development. Only about 25% or less of the people I talked to use it in production
  • About 80% of the production hardware virtualization users mention “OS sprawl” either as a problem they’re dealing with now or something they’re anticipating in the near future

Read the whole article at source.

I would further investigate why customers could be start looking for alternatives. In this other article SWsoft suggests reasons.