Virtual Iron joins the Distributed Management Task Force

Quoting from the Virtual Iron official announcement:

Virtual Iron Software, a provider of software solutions for creating and managing virtual infrastructure in the data center, today announced that it has joined the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) to help lead the development of management standards and promote interoperability in the enterprise data center.

The DMTF ( is the developer of the Common Information Model (CIM), the standard for the exchange of management information in a platform-independent and technology-neutral way. Virtual Iron joins other leading technology vendors to help streamline integration of management systems through end-to-end, multi-vendor interoperability.

Adoption of CIM standards by IT organizations enables a more integrated, cost-effective and stable approach to management. Virtual Iron is a member of the System Virtualization, Partitioning, and Clustering Work Group within DMTF. This group is focused on defining and addressing current and future customer requirements for performance, availability and interoperability in these areas.

Virtual Iron’s software currently leverages and implements multiple DMTF-supported standards such as CIM, communications/control protocols and core management services/utilities. This allows users to manage Virtual Iron directly through other management systems…