Jaluma demonstrates multi-core real-time virtualization technology

Quoting from the Jaluna official announcement:

Jaluna Inc., the Real-Time Virtualization™ company demonstrates advanced technology for real-time embedded devices on Intel® Core™ microarchitecture at GLOBALCOMM 2006 in Chicago.

Jaluna is working with Intel to introduce the multi-core virtualization solution by tightly integrating Jaluna OSware™ Real-Time Virtualization™ software with Intel® Virtualization Technology hardware.

The demonstration shows how customers can migrate seamlessly to multi-core CPUs and allow the RTOS and Linux operating systems (OS’s) to run unmodified on the Intel Core microarchitecture, which is an industry first.

This demonstration consolidates numerous single processor RTOS’s and Linux on two Dual Core Intel® Xeon® processors LV 2.0 GHz, each executing mobile phone infrastructure applications on a shared database. This establishes that legacy software stacks do not need to be re-architected in order to take advantage of Intel multi-core CPUs, while maintaining real-time performance bounds.