Double-Take and PlateSpin partner to protect entire Windows servers

Quoting from the PlateSpin official announcement:

The recovery of an entire Windows® server has never been an easy task. Today, Double-Take® Software and PlateSpin formed a partnership to offer centralized backup of entire Windows servers with a full recovery solution that is fast, flexible and hardware-independent. Customers using Double-Take by Double-Take Software coupled with PlateSpin PowerConvert experience continuous, whole-server protection and bare-metal recovery.

The complementary solution from Double-Take Software and PlateSpin is optimal for disaster recovery because it creates a copy of an entire server, including the OS, applications and data. The server and its applications can be replicated locally or across long-distance WAN connections, to a central backup repository. Systems can then be quickly restored to the same or different hardware, or even to a virtual machine. The simple recovery process leverages Double-Take real-time protection capability for a continuously updated copy of the data and PlateSpin PowerConvert’s OS Portability technology which provides hardware independent restore, eliminating the need to reinstall or reconfigure a failed system.

Traditional imaging or backup solutions require recovery to identical hardware or data protection involving point-in-time based image captures. This results in out-of-date image archives requiring administrators to manually reinstall and reconfigure the server’s OS and applications before recovery can occur. The time to recovery can usually take hours and even days in some situations…