Release: PlateSpin PowerRecon 2.1

PlateSpin just released a new version of its capacity planning tool, introducing a critical feature: the Consolidation Planning Module.

For the occasion published a dedicated press release:

PlateSpin today announced the general availability of the Consolidation Planning Module for PlateSpin PowerRecon, a completely automated analysis engine which determines optimal fit between application workloads and server resources.

The Consolidation Planning Module takes hardware, software and performance information gathered by PlateSpin PowerRecon, and automatically recommends an optimal allocation of servers to the most appropriate virtual hosts such as VMware ESX Server, VMware Server, or Microsoft Virtual Server.

The Consolidation Planning Module expands the capabilities of PlateSpin PowerRecon with the following features:

  • Automatically analyzes the five critical dimensions of workload: CPU, Disk, Memory, Network, and Time across hundreds of servers simultaneously
  • Target server templates allow users to input virtual host server characteristics of their preferred makes and models prior to purchasing them
  • Modeling of virtual host utilization and allocation of VMs to those hosts
  • Time-based analysis to stagger multiple workloads evenly across virtual hosts
  • Automatically determines number of host servers required as target for a given set of physical servers to consolidate
  • Analysis support for both Windows and Linux servers

The Consolidation Planning Module is available for purchase immediately. Existing customers with maintenance agreements can download the update from the web site at any time.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.